How To Write Voice Search Friendly Article ?

Written by Vishal Singh
Hello Blogger, this article is for those blogger who wants more traffic from mobile on their website or blog. Right now i am going to tell you how to write a voice search friendly article. If someone search something on google by speaking or by using OK GOOGLE then your post or article will be rank on search engine.

We all know that google is frequently updates its search engine algorithm. If you want to rank your content or article on google top page then you have to maintain your content according to them.

You will have definitively some knowledge about Image optimization for your article in SEO friendly way. Because it will increase your website speed and SEO ranking.

Now we will talk about upcoming time in tech world. Many mobile or smartphone users like to search their query on google by speaking instead of typing

Google did a research in its have been found that people are loving the voice search feature on mobile. In future this figure will surpass 50% of tech world.

So if you want that if someone search on google and your website comes in result.Then you will have to write voice search friendly article on your website or blog. Lets start answering your question- how to write voice search friendly article.

How to write voice friendly article

There is no difference between voice search and text search. You also don’t require to do extra setting on your website. But you have to keep in mind some tips. By using these tips you can make your article voice search friendly.

1. Use speaking tone in your article

If you want to make your article voice search friendly then this is important step for you. You should write your article in speaking tone. Speaking tone means a way in which we talk to human being.


2. Write Question-Answer based article

You should write your article in such a way that someone is asking you a question and you are giving him/her answer.

many people use voice search by asking question. Some examples are given below.

3. Mobile friendly design

Your website should be mobile friendly for voice search. Because 98% of voice searches is done by mobile phones.

Here, you can check your website is mobile friendly or not.

4. Use local SEO

If your website is for targeted audience then local SEO can play a major role for making your article voice search friendly.

For example if you have a website about sport accessories. Some is asking to google Which is best sport shop nearby me. Then if your website has local SEO. it will appear in his search results.

5. Write Snippet-Rich content

Search snippet is google feature in which google shows some description for every search results. By reading this description you can decide which search result is suitable for you.

Search snippet is very important for any website. Write your content in small paragraph, give proper heading, sub heading. So google crawlers can easily scan your content and understand your content.

6. Use Long Tail Keywords

Using long tail keyword can be a key factor for voice search friendly article. May users write in short but they use full sentences in google voice search.

For example: I want to make a website on WordPress.

now you have learnt how we can write a voice search friendly article.

So if you have any Question related to voice search. you can comment below. Can you tell me now what will be the future of Voice Search comment below.

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