Clone SEO Technique For BlogSpot Bloggers

Written by Vishal Singh
Hello Guys this is Vishal and Today we are going to discuss in this article about Clone SEO Technique For BlogSpot Bloggers.
In this clone SEO technique we will discuss  how to a blogspot bloggers can do SEO for his post or article by using YOAST SEO.

If you have a question that How to use YOAST SEO PLUGIN for blogspot blog post like wordpress

Then you are at right place.
Form last 3 month I am facing this issue that manually doing on page SEO of an article. This is very time consuming and less effective for blogspot blogger. So finally after lot research i find a way to use SEO on my article like wordpress. Now i realize that this method is 100% effctive and it will also help you getting more traffic from directly google search. I named this process “Clone SEO Techinque”

Clone SEO Technique
This process is one time process after doing this you have to just copy your article form WordPress editor and then paste to blogspot editor. Let me clear one thing before explaining this process that this process is free. So without wasting time lets get start.Basically this process is divided into 6 steps. We have included a info-graphic from you can get quick overview that what we are going to do in these 6 steps so read this article till last line.

Clone SEO Technique
Clone SEO Infographic

1. Get Free Domain And Hosting

  • First of all you have to register for a free demo domain form 000Webhost. This will automatically provide you free hosting.
    SEO Technique
  • After Sign Up for you website verify your mail id. Don’t worry this website is not fraud ,this is just for learning purpose for bloggers like us. I am personally using it.

2. Install WordPress On Free Domain

  • Now Click on Build Website
    SEO Technique
  • After that click on Install WordPress SEO Technique
  • Now Enter username and password for WordPress panel
  • After 60 second you will get congratulation message. Now click on Go to configuration pageClone SEO Technique
  • After that you have login into your WordPress account (using username and password which you set during installing WordPress)

3. Install Yoast SEO Plugin

Now we are going to install YOAST SEO in to WordPress panel
  • Click on Plugins into wordpress and select add newClone SEO Technique
  • Now search for YOAST SEO
    Clone SEO Technique
  • Now you will find YOAST SEO plugin on your screen then click on Install Now
  • After Completion of installing you will get ACTIVATE button, Click on it.
    Clone SEO Technique

4. Write Your Post In WordPress SEO

  • Now Click on Posts in WordPress panel. After that click on New Post
  • After that WordPress editor will open.

Here you have to write article and keep this thing your mind don’t add images in this. you have to add images in this article in blogspot editor after completing SEO for this article.
Here is a article in which i explain  How To Write A Blog Post 

5. Fulfill Yoast SEO Conditions for Your Article

  • This Step is very important for your article seo. Make sure that your Readability and SEO button is green.
    Clone SEO Technique For BlogSpot Bloggers
  • Convert all RED dots into GREEN by removing your error.

6. Publish This Article In Blogspot

  • After turning all Red DOTS into GREEN, you have to Click on Text
  • Now you will see your article into coded form, Copy this code
  • Paste this code into HTML section of Your BlogSpot Editor.
  • Afterthat copy the title,permalink and meta description from WordPress editor and paste it into BlogSpot Editor on their required places.
  • Now you have to put your SEO OPTIMIZED IMAGES  into your blogspot editor article

If you don’t know how to optimized a image according to SEO then you can read this article:

How to do Image optimization for your article in SEO friendly way

As i told in the starting of article that this is one time process. After following these step you have to repeat step 4, 5, 6  whenever you write new article . Keep one thing in your mind that you have to publish this article into only in blogspot. Do not publish it into WordPress editor.
I’ve given you Clone SEO Technique For BlogSpot Blogger that can boost your blog or website traffic. I hope you’ll try this technique  in the future.
And whenever you do, come back here and let me know what the results are! I’ll be waiting for you in the comments!

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